Will I do love or arranged marriage

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Will I do love or arranged marriage?
This is the common says that marriages are fixed in heaven, since decision of destiny is above all our thoughts. Then also we try to decode the plans of destiny. Let us decode the plans of destiny about marriage through astrology.

When marriages take place
Marriages take place on the activation of seventh house lord in the horoscope. Besides this, there are other parameters also which influence the marriage time. If any two planets such as Dragon's head (Rahu) and Dragon's tail (Ketu), are positioned in front of each other where one planet is in mahadasha and another is in antardasha, the time of marriage appears. Secondly when aspect of Jupiter, Full Moon, Mercury or Venus appear either on 7th house of horoscope or on the 7th house lord, then also the time of marriage is indicated. Let us discuss about love marriage first.

Symptoms of love marriage
As per astrology, if the lord of fifth house and lord of seventh house conjoin in any house of the horoscope and that particular house is having aspects of either of any planets i.e Jupiter, Venus, Full Moon and Mercury, then the probability of love marriage is assured for any one.

Secondly as per palmistry, if any line from Moon mount joins the luck line as per the image shown, the love marriage is sure.But when this line doesn't join luck line and travels parallel along luck line then marriage doesn't take place only love remains. This type of love marriage line, when dose not touch the luck line then love of the partner appears in the life with some purpose. Hence, this type of line which is traveling parallel to luck line only indicates live-in relation and not love marriages. When the love marriage line get in touch with luck line then only the love marriage can be assured. Touching of love marriage line with luck line indicates that the luck of the person gets empowered with a stroke of romance which appear from the nature of soft Moon since this line starts from Moon mount only. When the stroke of romance encourages the luck of the person, the situation gets converted into marriage. That is the only reason this is called as love marriage line. If you further want to confirm whether you are suitable for love marriage or arranged marriage, then click on this link to ascertain the same with our love marriage calculator

Arranged Marriage
If these above symptoms are not available in your horoscope or in palm, then you should be sure that your marriage would be arranged. The details of relatives who would arrange your marriage can be find out from the link how will I get married