Budh Aditya yoga and its effects

There are number of yoga which is formed due to placement of two or more planets in one particular sign of the horoscope. The Budh Aditya yoga is one of the prominent yoga in astrology which shows its best result due to the combination of two friendly planets which are Sun and Mercury.

Budh Aditya yoga

Sun and Mercury when conjoins in any sign, the Budh Aditya yoga is formed. Since the both planet are friend to each other, their combined effect make a person extraordinary with the planetary characteristics of Mercury and Sun. This yoga gives its better result in Sun’s mahadasha and Mercury’s antardasha or vice-versa.

When the Both Planets Conjoins in any sign, the character of both the planets and the effects of Gemini, Leo and Virgo sign also get diluted and a proper personality get emerged in people who own Budh Aditya yoga in their kundali / horoscope.

Budh Aditya yoga

The Budh Aditya yoga is not always good. One can find the bad effects also. The good and bad effects are depending on the placement of Sun and Mercury in different houses of respective ascendants and also as per the nature of house where Gemini, Leo and Virgo sign exist. Accordingly as per ascendant sign, the effect of Budh Aditya yoga differs in its result. The effects of Budh Aditya yoga in 12 ascendant signs are elaborated in succeeding paragraphs.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Aries ascendant

The Budh Aditya yoga in Aries ascendant makes a person to have the wisdom of doing extra ordinary work with the help of his/her younger brother/sister in which the person becomes dependent on loans. He/she also get wisdom of managing his/her debt position and create disagreement and differences in opinion with first child on several aspects.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Taurus ascendant

The Budh Aditya yoga in Taurus ascendant makes a person to have wisdom of increasing his/her wealth on account of earning so many properties. The first child of the person gets high profile.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Gemini ascendant

The Budh Aditya yoga in Gemini ascendant makes a person to generate heavy work related to communication line and earn a lot of properties.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Cancer ascendant

This yoga in Cancer ascendant does not allow a person to increase his wealth. His/her earning and expenses become equal. He/she does heavy work on the basis of his/her wealth due to which he/she becomes extravagant. It would be appropriate to wear a proper gemstone by checking its suitability as per the link gemstone for Cancer ascendant to get rid from the bad affects of this yoga.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Leo ascendant

The Budh Aditya yoga in Leo ascendant makes a person wealthy. He/she lives a life with full luxury.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Virgo ascendant

This yoga in Virgo ascendant makes a person to remain on tour due to his/her profession. He/she remains on wheel till the date of retirement from profession.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Libra ascendant

The Budh Aditya yoga in Libra ascendant makes a person to generate his/her income from tourism sector as a tourist guide or different aspects that are related to pilgrimage.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Scorpio ascendant

This yoga in Scorpio ascendant makes a person to generate his/her income through service and profession. But he/she gets many hurdles in their profession due to this yoga.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Sagittarius ascendant

The Budh Aditya yoga in Sagittarius ascendant is positive since this yoga makes a person to marry with a lucky partner. His/her properties increase by the grace of God and with the help of married partner. The married partner initiates a lot of religious work and builds temple etc. His/her married partner happens to be spiritual due to this yoga.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Capricorn ascendant

This yoga in Capricorn ascendant is negative since this yoga makes a person with hard luck. The person never gets support of the God and he/she has to struggle in the life. It will be appropriate to wear a proper gemstone by checking suitability with the link gemstone for Capricorn ascendant to get rid from the bad affects of this yoga.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Aquarius ascendant

The Budh Aditya yoga in Aquarius ascendant makes a person to create love and romance in life. But this yoga also creates hurdles in married life and in affairs too.

Budh Aditya yoga and its effects in Pisces ascendant

This yoga in Pisces ascendant makes a person to create differences and disagreement with his/her married partner and mother on several aspects. He/she earns property on account of loan which enables him to go in debt. It will be appropriate to wear a proper gemstone by checking suitability with the link gemstone for Pisces ascendant to get rid from the bad affects of this yoga.

    The Budh Aditya yoga if appears in Libra sign of any ascendant then the effect of Sun disappears and if this yoga get formed in Pisces sign of any ascendant then the effect of Mercury gets disappeared. In this situation this yoga does not create any fruitful result.

In case any third planet when joins with the Sun and Mercury in one place of horoscope then it would not be appropriate to call it Budh Aditya yoga. Full effects of Budh Aditya yoga Is depending on the degree of Mercury and Sun. If the degrees of the both planets happen to be between 10 to 20 and Mercury Is bright then the Budh Aditya yoga would have tremendous result. But in case the degree of any planet is below 3 or more than 27 then the effects may not be visible.

In case any malefic such as Mars, Saturn, Dragon’s head or Dragon’s tail aspect the both planet then also the result of Budh Aditya yoga get downsized.

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  1. Hi,

    I my case DOB – 27th Feb 1980, Place – Murtazapur, Dist- Akola, Maharashtra, I have sun, mercury and Ketu in 2nd house, Ascendant is Capricorn and Moon Zodiac is Cancer.
    As per the article this yoga is completely negative, and even with respect to Ascendant and Moon Zodiac, I have no option of wearing any gemstone, because coral (Mars) is in 8th house with Jupiter and Rahu.

    Can you please help me with any option to get benefited.

    Thank you

  2. Since your Moon zodiac is Cancer, you can not wear blue sapphire as the Aquarius which is Mooltrikon of Saturn which exist in the eighth house from Cancer sign, hence if you wear blue sapphire then you will invite mental tension for you. Blue sapphire not recommended for you.

  3. Thank you Ram Sir, It looks like i only have option of wearing opal…….. but sir.. didnt my Saturn is in 9th house (Virgo) in lagna chart… ?

    Sir only last question, diamond or Zircon are these gemstone also not recommended?

    • You can wear diamond also but this gemstone will make you as lover boy or love guru. So be careful. But zircon can not be recommended since it is Radio active material which may harm to physical body.

  4. Thank you so much Ram Sir, I will go ahead with the opal, appreciate and thankful for your guidance….

    Sir which finger should i worn opal? and metal will be silver right sir?

    Thank you

    • As per your horoscope you do not need any gemstone since all the gemstone would produce some kind of side effects. You are currently passing through Mahadasha of Mercury which is good for you with Budh Aditya yoga in ascendant. However you are required to take care about your health after Jun 2013 for atleast one year. Your horoscope is showing love marriage yoga and marriage time will start after 31 May 2013 for one year. Please avail this chance.

  5. Thank a lot Guruji. I have been advised to wear Emerald by someone …i feel like wearing it but i am scared to wear any stone. Should i wear an emrald?

    • Wearing an emerald would attract you to purchase/build your own house by taking so much loan, which would enable you to go in debt. Later on this house will generate income through rent.

    • Your married life is good and your husband will be on service to fulfill your all type of requirement. So you can enjoy your life. But do not make your husband as a hen pecked, its my request. Please do not ask questions in pieces because, on every question I require to open and analyse your horoscope. Please ask your all questions in one query and let others also avail the chance of this forum. Thanks for conversation. Have a nice dream life.

  6. Hello Ram Sir, my DOB is 9th July, 1975 at 19.30, place Kolkata. Do I have budh aditya yoga at this time? Can I wear Emerald and Ruby togather. Please advice. Thanks in advance.

    • Though Sun and Mercury are together in 6th house of your horoscope, the Budh Aditya yoga is null and void as two more planets Saturn and Moon are also held in the same house. Budh Aditya yoga is negative for your horoscope, hence you should not wear Emerald or Ruby.

  7. Ram sir, do you suggest any other gemstone for prosperity for this period or it is advisable that I do not wear anything at all. Thanks again.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I found from this chain, that you indeed are a learned astrologer, and I truly appreciate your genius intellect in this regards.

    I am expecting baby in the month of Nov. The date suggested is 9th November 2013, approx 4 am. Place – Mumbai

    I request you to please see the chart as per above details and kindly guide me on the aspect of Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Mercury in Libra sign as per the above timings.

    My worry or concern is to understand your thoughts on these 4 planets – Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu in Libra sign during this period. And what would this placement predict and affect my child.

    Thanking you in anticipation and hope to receive your valuable insight in this regards.

    • As per ascendant chart the lord of ascendant that is Mercury will be in conjunction with three bad planets Sun Saturn and Rahu in second house which will create wealth and health problem both for the complete life. But the lord of ninth house Venus is powerful which shall continue to pull the life positively with the help of Jupiter in tenth house. But it can not be sure that the birth of the child will take place at 04:00am. Hence you are unnecessary worrying. The child will take birth according to his karma in appropriate time unless force delivery is undertaken.The whole story would get change if time get changes and ascendant happen to be something else.

  9. Let us see what happens for my child! It is interesting, if it happens anytime between Oct 17 and Nov 16 – then Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu will be together in Libra! However if it happens before Oct 17 or after Nov 16, then Sun will be in Scorpio! I wish to have Sun in Scorpio, but God is the ultimate master! I will post, once God gifts me my baby. 🙂
    Many thanks for your valuable time.

  10. Hello Ram Sir,
    I always read your articles and need your guidance. My Name is preeti and my DOB is 22 oct 1978, time is 6. 10 am place Karad, Satara (maharashtra). My question is which gemstone should i wear and what should i do to improve my health? waiting for your guidance.

  11. thank you sir for your kind information. Please tell me in which finger should i wear these gemstones? and in case of diamond please help me and guide if the diamond is of 2 ct can i wear it or it should be of exact ct as recommended by you? Thank you once again

    • you can wear diamond in ring finger of right hand. I have recommended the minimum ct, however. you can wear of 2 ct also.

  12. Hello Sir,
    First of all my apology for asking yet another question but i need your guidance. my DOB is 26 august 1981 and time is 6.30 am place karad maharashtra. Sir I need your guidance as i am going through a very difficult phase in my life. I love a guy who is very sweet natured. but after 1 and half year he is not ready for marriage. this is really tough for me and i am really very depressed. Please guide me sir on this matter. Is there any dosha in my kundali and what should i do to come out of this situation. Waiting for your guidance.

    • Your horoscope does not reflect any love marriage sign. It is evident of manglik dosha due to which your marriage got delayed. As you said that the boy is sweet nature, then why he is not ready for the marriage? You are wasting your time in hope and unnecessary getting depressed. The life is for enjoyment, be happy and get your marriage arranged. Monday ko Bhole baba ko jal dalo. your problem will disappear. Once anything is made in your destiny, you are just trying to challenge the verdict of the nature and getting depressed. Please accept the truth of nature and be happy.

  13. Sir, my DOB -15 nov 1981,birth time-11:15 am,birth place – calcutta. Can u pls tell me my yearly prediction,and abt near future. got divorced in 2009.

  14. Dear Sir,

    1) I am Srinivas. Previously I worked as software engineer with decent salary and went to abroad also. But, 4 years back I resigned my job and came to do my own business and now I am in huge losses. Now I am planning to go to job again. Do I need to continue in business or do I need to go to job again?Are there any abroad chances again?

    2) From past three months I had severe quarrel with my wife and now I am almost separated from wife and children. Do we have any chances of living together again?

    3) Can you please suggest remedies for reunion with family and for living debt free peaceful life?

    My details are as below.

    Name : srinivas
    DOB: 19-SEP-1973.
    Time : 23.45
    Place of bitrh : Vijayawada
    Gender : Male.

    Please let me know if you need any further details.

    With Regards,

    • The situation will improve after 8 months. Next abroad trip is far away. You should wear the gemstone Emerald green of 5Ct wt in Gold/silver in the little finger of right hand on Wednesday Morning at Sunrise time.

  15. sir
    my parents looking for life partner for the past four years. recently astrologer says that budha adithya yoga available in my horoscope. when will my marriage? there r many obstacles in my present life. professionally also i am in very difficult position. i want a life partner from my nearby place. is it possible? i want to live peaceful life. what can i do? if you give clear advice its very useful for me. kindly give your guidance.

    • Your horoscope is not having clear Budh Aditya yoga because this yoga is cancelled by conjoining of Mars with Sun and Mercury. Your planetary dasha is not good at present due to which your financial position is weak. Your horoscope is evident of love marriage in 2016 and settlement of your life is not in nearby place, probably it is in abroad. The settlement of marriage may be through internet since your groom is in abroad. The life is not peaceful. Please accept the challenge and live happily. If you want a peaceful life then wear a 6 ct wt Blue sapphire (Neelam) till 2021.

  16. Guruji,

    My DOB is 17.07.1971, place: Mumbai, India.
    Birth Time 1.45 pm. Gender – Female
    I am having a rough period in my job since past 1 year, not being promoted, having difficulties with my superior. When these conditions will improve? Should I look out for new job or stick to same one? If new job, when shall I get it or when I can get promotion for all the hardwork I have done so far?

  17. Your time is not running correctly. Changing of job is not the solution. Wherever you will go, the same problem would appear. Suitable time is much ahead, hence you should wear a Pearl ring / pendant. This will solve your problem. Pearl should be of 5 ct in silver.

  18. Guruji,

    My DOB 26-10-1985 place bikaner,Rajasthan India
    Birth Time 12.15 am. Gender – male
    I am not getting job stability plz tell the correct time and
    there r many obstacles in my present life. professionally
    .When these conditions will improve?

    • Your good time is very far away. This problem will continue for 10 years more. You should wear a pendant/ ring of Red coral of 6ct and white pearl of 5ct then you will succeed in your career.

  19. Thank you very much sir. I will be grateful, if you can kindly let me know, by when the suitable time would arrive. Also for a detailed reading of my horoscope how should I approach you?

    • Sorry, I do not do full time astrology.This is not my profession. Please go to a professional astrologer for detail reading of your horoscope. I keep myself limited to specific questions. I have to reply many people that also free of cost, hence I can not stick for one person.

  20. Sir, my DOB is 29/09/1975, at 5:05 a.m. from Bangalore can u pls let me know when i will make my own house, and from when can i stay with my husband.

    • For ten years the chance to build house by you is very deem. However if your husband takes this job in hand then the after one year you may own your house and stay with your husband.

    • Aap ka samay thik hone tak budhapa aa jayega. Phir bhi agar safalta chahiye to 5 carot ka OPAL ki anguthi chandi me Friday ko pahaniye. Kuch to ashar padega.

  21. Guru ji,
    My DOB is 11Sept’1983 Time-15:46 Birth place- Banka(Bihar). Recently i left my job and start preparing for Govt Job. kindly guide me about my carrier as well as marriage.when i will get stability.

  22. Ram Sir, I have started wearing 5 crt perl pendant as per your advise. (DOB 17.7.1971, time 1.45 pm.place – Mumbai) after which I have felt some calmness. My superior as well talked to me regarding my career, but nothing positive can be done immediately as told by him. But said is under consideration though there are many difficulties in doing so. Can you guide me with by when some favorable result be seen? I will b highly obliged.

  23. ram sir please forgive me..i forgot to give all the details once…here is my details:dob 20/6/1992 place :bellary tob:11:40pm
    please tell me about my academic life and job(when will I get a job)please..i am waiting for your reply..thank you sir..

    • As per your chart you should be an IT communication supplier. But due to weak planets you may not succeed in this field and you may have to go for teaching line. Time is running good try your best. You will get success.

  24. sir my dob:20 june 1992
    place:bellary Karnataka
    I am not able to clear any interview(even the 1st round)and I am worried about the job.i am thinking I will not get any job..
    please tell me when and what kind of job I will get..
    thank you

  25. sir this is psp ..sir also please tell about yogas present in my chart and other details of my chart
    sorry for the inconvenience sir
    thank you

  26. Dear sir
    I am from nepal and my date of birth is 30 december 1983, 22:10 pm kathmandu .I would like to know if my chart showd budhaditya yoga or not.Also I would like to request you for recommending gem stones for me.


    • Sun and Mercury are together along with Jupiter in your chart. So it can not be called a clear Budh Aditya Yoga. You can wear red coral and yellow sapphire together.

  27. Dear Sir,

    Do I have Buddha Aditya Yog ? My details are
    Suraj Nayyar
    2:47 PM
    Chingola, Zambia

  28. Charan sparsh guru ji
    d.o.b – 2 july 1997
    time- 11:30 am
    place – faridabad
    Sir do I have a budhaditya yog
    and what should I do further business or service and in wich field
    can I settle my life in abroad ?

    • You seems to be of jolly nature, but due to bad running time, you are worried for your future. You should opt for service and not business. You must wear a diamond and Emerald ring, that will help you in every aspect.

      You can follow me on tweeter @ShreeramVerma

    • IT,Communication are the better option at present. After 2023, it may turn towards management and property. You should wear a diamond and emerald ring which automatically will take you to the right direction.

  29. Sir,I am from Bangladesh,my dob:12 July 1985 at 03:39 p.m.,place of birth:Moulvibazar,Sylhet,Bangladesh.I am not getting job.I am graduate.Which gemstone should I wear?Should I wear Moonstone?How much weight?Please help me Sir.

  30. i am praveen my dob is 5-9-1980 born in nizamabad(andhra pradesh) at 11:30 am.i am suffring from financial problems and married life is not good.which stone should im wear.plz help me

  31. Hello Sir, I am a scorpion ascendant and in my birth chart ninth house lord is placed in third house along with Ketu, which makes Chandra eclipse. Besides, I am going under Rahu Mahadasha and Venus sub-dasha. Please provide me your valuable guideline concerning how long this chandra grahan will effect my fortune. My details are as follows: 26/4/1981; 20:50; Ajmer.
    Puja Soni

  32. Hello Ram sir,
    My dob is 3 August 1982
    Place Jamshedpur
    Time 4:45 pm

    Pls predict my marriage life, children and career from now onwards.

    • Please ask only one specific question, this forum is free,it does not mean that I will calculate your life long future. There are many people in que in the wait ofreply. So be specific.

  33. Dear sir,

    Name : Navneet Raman
    DOB: 21/07/1985
    Place : DARBHANGA(Bihar)
    Time: 03:38 AM

    Expecting baby in Jan’2015,would that be safe as my wife is under treatment of Menengitis since Dec’2013. Concerned regarding boths health.
    Also please do look into my kundali and advise me which gemstone should i wear. Been told by one guruji that i have Budhaditya Jog.

    Tons of thanks in advance and needs loads of your blessings.


  34. Ram sir,
    Plz check my chart.What is suitable acording to my chart job or business.
    Dob-28 aug, 1981.
    Time- 5.02 am.
    Place-deoghar, jharkhand.
    Am very dipressed from last 2 years. Plz suggest any gemstone if needed.

    • Do not wait for job. Your horoscope does not show that you will work under someone. You are to be lord of self and people should work under you. Time is not running correctly,so you can wear Ruby or Garnet stone.

  35. Respected Sir,
    My dob is 19 August 1978
    Place Jind, haryana
    Time 02.30 pm

    can i Wear Emerald or neelam for peace in life and for wealth as i already wear diamond.


    • You belong to Scorpio ascendant and Aquarius Moon sign. Diamond and Emerald is negative for Scorpio ascendant.You can wear Blue sapphire for mental peace. However for wealth Jupitor is already powerful. Remove Diamond and wear Neelam.

  36. Dear Ram sir..please check my horoscope for the following..
    my birthday details:20 june 1992
    Sir I am a engg graduate but not getting job..please tell when will i get a job and do I have any weath yoga in my horoscope.
    Thank you SIR..

  37. Sir,I am from Bangladesh,my dob:12 July 1985 at 03:39 p.m.,place of birth:Moulvibazar,Sylhet,Bangladesh.I am not getting job.I am graduate Engineer.Please suggest me.

  38. Dear Sir,
    My dob 29th may 1984 time 8:08am.kindly help me why i am getting difficulties in my education.any budh aditya yog in my chart.

  39. Dear Ram Sir,
    My DOB: 1979/Sep/2
    Time: 00.40
    Place: District Sunsari, Nepal
    Dear Sir, any gemstone (for certain period or life time?), god/goddess to worship daily for me according to my Kundali for my aimed professionalism as getting difficulties to be there.
    I want to wear Navgraha ring or pendant, is it okay for me?
    I expect your suggestion.


  40. Dear sir ,
    My dob is 28/08/1990..i was born in noida near delhi at 6:20 a.m …..i have budha aditya yoga …but i am confused that what should i do…i am currently associated wid a MNC BANK..

    Please suggest how should i carry forward with my life

  41. Dear, sir
    I am from my dog is 01-09-1984 time 00:30 am and pob is muzaffarpur, bihar I wanted to suggest me gems for stability in job, wealth and obstacle in life

  42. Dear sir
    My dob is 01-09-1984 dot is 00:30 and pob is muzaffarpur bihar suggest me gems for wealth, career and obstacle in life.

  43. Dear Sir,
    My dob 30 July,1989
    Time 1:09 Pm
    place: Jammu
    Sir I am a graduate but not getting job..please tell when will i get a job and do I have any budh aditya yoga in my horoscope.Also I would like to request you for recommending gem stones for me.
    Thank you SIR

  44. Sir, my name is tanvi dob 13-feb-1993 time -02:00 pm place indore my question is how to improve my persnalaty nd suffered from health problem nd which upay should i do or gmstone i wear

  45. Dear Sir,
    My dob:21/10/1987
    place of birth:Kancheepuram, tamilnadu
    Is there any chance for me to settle abroad.Its been told that I have budha adhitya yoga at 8th. Is it very bad? which field is good for me?At present I am in automobile business

  46. Hi Sir,
    Nice article and very deep study,
    I also have this yoga, but my lagna is ccancer, so i does not get its 100% effects.
    I am Anil, DOB 27.08.1980, 5.00 am, Akola, Mahrashtra.
    One astrologer told me to wear pukhraj, ruby, opal, emerald..
    Does these 4 stones really good for me??plesse show me the right path, i need your help on this, which stones are gud and which stones are bad for my horoscope.

    Thanks a lot to study my chart.

  47. Ram sir.
    DOB. 05.11.1970.9.30.AM.Place Chitradurga. Kar.my. name HANUMANTHARAYA. Sir do I have a budhaditya yog and what should I do further business. Please tell me sir.

  48. I have buddha aditya yoga in 4th house –
    1st September 1990-
    23.08pm-time of birth

    I have buddha aditya yoga but it has not given me any benifit .I am struggling since 12 years-education ,career , depression , no social life .

    my lagna is taurus

  49. hi i m yogesh my birth detail is 5jan1991 on 18:25 at satara.my problem is i could not complete grduation now its very harder to get job .tell me what is my future.how i earn for my family please help me

  50. My d.o.b is 02/10/1992.time of birth is 6pm. And place is Hazaribagh, jharkhand. I wanted to know which career would suit me best. Please reply.Thanks. I m n urgent and quite disturbed.Do reply sir..

  51. Ram Sir,
    Name:- Biswajit Chatterjee
    D.O.B:- 28.10.1989
    T.O.B:- 7:36 AM
    P.O.B:- Asansol, Westbengal.

    Suffering from very bad time, can you please tell me,
    1. When i will get a good job?
    2. When i will get married? and about married life?

    Please also suggest the remedies…

  52. Ram Sir.
    My name Sapna D.O.B- 16.9.1970 8.15 P.M DELHI In my hosroscope SUN , MERCURY, MANGAL ,KETU are in 5th House. JUPITER and VENUS in 7th House. Is there Budhaditya Yog .Will I get married ever. Please suggest remedies also.


  53. Ram Sir,

    Name: Chiranjeev Das
    DOB- 27 april 1897
    Time of birth- 3:05am
    Place: Cuttack, Odisha

    Please tell me about my marital life. When will i get married and what about my married life?

  54. Dear Sir,
    My name is manish and my dob is 23/12/1980 and place of birth; Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand at 10:15 am. i have sun and mercury in ninth house. please recommend gemstones for me. is this a positive or negative yog in my case. please help

  55. Dear Ram sir
    My dob details are:
    Place:Sahibabad(uttar pradesh)

    I consulted an astrologer and he told me to wear an emerald in silver ring,a horse show ring (and after some years,Neelam). Is he correct? Since my ascendant is Capricorn but moon sign is Aries.
    What about wearing a rudraksh??

  56. Respected sir,
    My name is bikram palan, dob 2.8.1994. Place-siliguri time 22.55. Sir I am totally herrased by many astrologers regardig to my carrer and gemstone.different astrologers suggest different stone, so confused! I am a law student and want a become a judge or higher governmental officer.can you please tell me which is my right path for me and what gems should weared for that purpose? If you kindly answered my question than I am very much thankful to you. Pranam.

    • Till one year you will not have any solution and no astrologer will help you. Keep away from cheats. Do not wear any gems as nothing is suitable for you. After one year every thing become alright.

  57. Ram sir,
    Name : Premkumar
    DOB : 2 august 1958
    Time : 11-15 A.M.
    Place: Nanded ( Maharashtra )

    My question is that what is my ascendant , Virgo or Libra
    Many astrologer divided between these two.

    • Its transition period of ascendant. So anyone can get confused. You are Virgo ascendant. If you are having loose self confidence then you are Virgo. But if having strong will and cofidence then you are Libran. Aastrologers suggestions are based on their available software or panchang with him. It is better to find self.

  58. Hello Sir,
    My name is Vikas & my dob in 03/05/1987 & place of birth is mumbai (wadala), maharashtra.timing is not sure as it was at home(between 9.40 to 9.56). I have sun & murcury in 11th house as well as jupiter, venus & rahu in 10th house & I am suffering from guru-rahu chandal yog. so please tell me how long it will exist couse i am facing so much problems in my career as well as routine life, so please give your valuable suggestions..

  59. Respected Guru Ji,My DoB is 22/11/1954 TOBias 14.35 POB is Jabalpur MP.My query is that though I am a CA but I have been doing imports of metal scrap,does it suit me and whether I can settle in Canada where my son is studying.Thanks

  60. Sir my details
    Sonpeth(parbhani) maharashtra
    I just wants to know in which field I should govt. Job, self businesses, etc if businesses then which field and what’s about my whole life prediction

  61. Dear sir, I have been reading your blog since long and its very informative.thanks
    Many jyotish says that I have gajkesari and budh Aditya yog..but i don’t see any effect in my life yet..i am dentist and have done my MBA..but I’m not happy in corporate..my details are: Uday chauhan…male..
    Birth details : 23rd Sept,1986
    Time: 23:30(night)
    Location: Ahmedabad,gujarat
    I have few questions..
    1) is there really gajkesari and budhaditya yog in my kundli?if yes when will i get benefit of it?
    2) would modelling and acting be a good career for me or would I be successful in business or should I stay in corporate job?
    3) I have studied so much but not getting that much income compared to study. How would I be financially for rest of my life?
    I would be grateful to you for the reply.thanks a lot

  62. Guruji,
    Pranam.My date of birth is 7 Sep 1944 in Bharani Nakshyatra. I was told BUDH ADITYA YOG is very auspicious to me. I initiated a work in 2015 where inputs from various government agencies through RTI Act-2005 are essential for success in the work. Please guide me.
    Place of birth-Almora district in Uttarakhand.
    Time- Day time.
    My Rashi Name -LEELA DHAR; but in certificate and in all official correspondence it is-Jagdish.
    Charan Sparsh.

  63. Hello sir,
    My self kishan.my birthdate is 12/11/1995. Time when i born is 10:24 pm. Birth place is Dhasa (bhavnagar district ).
    SUN and MERCURY are in 4th house in my kundali with RAHU.
    So i have Budhaditya or not ?
    Can i wear GOMED stone for RAHU ?

  64. Hello Sir.
    I’m a Libran with Capricorn Descendant (I think). DOB 15/10/1988 Time:-13:29 Place:-New Delhi.
    I havr Budha-Aditya Yoga in the 9th House.
    Is it Prevalent in my Kundali? What would be it’s effects in my case?
    Thanks in advance, keenly awaiting reply.

    P.S. Is Neelam beneficial for me?

  65. Respected Ram sir
    Greetings for the day

    Sir, My son SWARAJ DOB is 12/11/2013, Time- 12.20pm Place- Solapur/Sholapur.

    Sir, he is Capricorn Ascendant born, having SUN, SATURN, MERCURY and RAHU conjunction in his 10th house in LIBRA sign. His Mars in 8th bhava/house and Jupiter in 6th.

    Sir, Can you please through some light on the aspect of this conjunction and its effect on my son’s life good or bad. If bad then please suggest the remedy.

    Please guide us.


    Ananda A Hajare

  66. Respected Sir,
    I am Shantanu Ranjan Iam not getting sucess in my carrer
    Since very long. Iam wearing red coral in ring finger which gem srone can bring luck for me please help me sir.
    Date of birth-5/11/1993
    Time of birth-9:23am
    Place of birh-NEW DELHI

  67. Hello Sir,

    Please find below my birth details;

    D O B – 13th January 1973

    Time 03:03 AM

    Place – Aurangabad ( Maharashtra )

    Can you please let me know whether I can settle abroad (USA or Canada)

    Am trying for it for a long time.

    FYI – Am an IT Consultant.

    Awaiting desperately for your response.

    Thank You!


  68. Hello guruji,

    DOB 18 Jan 1987
    time 5:15 pm
    place pune

    can you please tell me if there is budhha aditya yoga in my horoscope, also I would like to know which gemstones should I be wearing. I am currently wearing ruby and emerald. are they good or I should wear a yellow sapphire

    also when do u see marriage and boost in career for me?


  69. Namaskar, mera nam Harekrishna Pathak, mera date of birth 23 april 1988 ,dist-Barpeta, state- assam, log kahte he mera budhaditya joy hain, lekin me nehi janta acha hain ya bura hain, please aap muje thora batayenge to me bahut khus banunga, Dhanyabad

  70. Dear Sir,

    DOB 20-11-1972
    Time – 12.50pm
    Place-Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Astrologists say that I have this yoga in my horoscope. According to them, I am in my Jupiter period and Rahu period was finished last february. However still I have not felt any change specially regarding the bad effects of Rahu. Could you please tell me, whether this yoga affects me badly or what will be the effects of these in future…

    Thanking you.


  71. Am regular reader,my date of birth is 17/06/1960 time of birth 04-40 am.Place of birth Bangalore.I just want to know about the present situation in a very short line.Major financial problems.

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