Raj yog in astrology

What is Raj yoga?

In English, the Raj yog can be said as the parameter for king’s life style. There are much yoga mentioned in our ancient books and Raj yog is also among them, for which people keep searching whether this yoga is available in their kundli (Horoscope). The Raj yog is the famous yoga in the astrology because every one wants to know whether they would become ruler or not. This type of auspicious yoga is formed in the horoscope with a setup of particular planets at the time of birth. This planetary setup confers a state of ruling in the life of a human being. As and when the time comes, the person appears as ruler and gains his life style like a king.

How Raj yog is formed?

In our ancient books, many formulae have been provided for Raj yog in horoscope. But it is appropriate to know that if the following parameters meet in your kundli or horoscope, a person would enjoy king’s life style:

  1. If the lord of ascendant conjoins with the lord of 4th, 5th, 9th or 10th house and the conjoining planet are rising with their degree between 10 to 20. If these planets aspect each other then also this yoga is formed.
  2. If the above conjunctions are placed in ascendant, 4th,5th,9th or 10th house of the horoscope.
  3. If the conjoining planets are having aspect of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or full Moon.
  4. If any one of the conjoining planet is in its exaltation and all the conjoining planets are in good navmansh.
  5. At least one auspicious planet should be in ascendant indicating its powerful degree and friendly navmansh.
  6. Placement of Moon should also be in triangles such as in ascendant, 5th or 9th house.

When Raj yog gives its result?

Any of the above conjoining planets or the planet placed in ascendant when enters in its mahadasha with antardasha of other conjoining planets, the time of Raj yoga appears. It has been seen that people are having Raj yog in their horoscope, do not get their ruling position because, either the time of Raj yog crosses in childhood or the same indicates after old age. Sometimes people die and period of Raj yog do not enter in their life. The appropriate time of Raj yog is between 25 to 65 years of age. Before the age of 25 years a person remains immature and hence can’t enjoy the result of Raj yoga fully. Similarly after the age of 65, the person dose not enjoy the verdict of Raj yog since this time happens to be a retirement time from the work.

Neechbhang Raj yog

If any of the conjoining planets happen to be in its debilitation, the result of Raj yog doesn’t appear good. But when the house in which conjoining planet is in debilitation and the Lord of that house is in exaltation then the result of Raj yog appears as good and this is known as neechbhang Raj yog. For example, if in the Taurus ascendant’s horoscope the Saturn, Venus and Mercury are positioned in Virgo sign which is 5th house, then it is indicated that the Venus in Virgo is in debilitation. But the lord of Virgo sign is Mercury and the same is in Virgo itself which is its exaltation. In this case, the effect of Venus appears as good due to neechbhang Raj yog.

Vipreet Raj yog

It has been mentioned at many places that the inauspicious planet when placed in inauspicious house, they do not show any negative effects. For example, in Aries ascendant if Mercury is positioned in 8th house being the lord of 6th house, then Mercury don’t show any negative effect of sixth house. But it is also required that the positive planet such as Sun, Mars, Moon or Jupiter should be In conjunction to produce good result then only the effect of Vipreet Raj yog would emerge.

Factors influencing Raj yog

The degree of planets which are forming Raj yog, conjunction/aspect position of particular house where Raj yog is formed, their navmansh, aspects of malefic on that particular house, rising/setting status of the planet influence and decide the volume of this yoga. These reasons decrease the value of Raj yog and people even after blessed with Raj yog do not gain the highest position. You can see that Raj yog makes a person as a prime minister that rules the country, whereas this yoga also makes a person as administrator/manager of a small enterprise where he rules on a small gathering. These huge differences are created due to the above factors, which decrease the power of Raj yog.

Raj yog in palmistry

raj yog
Raj yog-Image 1

If all the mounts of the palm are developed with clear life line, luck line, Sun line, head (thought) line and heart line without any flaw, then this type of palm indicates a powerful Raj yog as per palmistry refer image placed here. But if these lines are having flaws such as crosses, island, black spot etc or the mount of the palm are undeveloped then the power of Raj yog decreases.


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    • Your life partner is of mixed character. sometimes he would love much and sometimes he would create nonsense for you. He will be hot minded with ego. More than one question can not be answered sorry..!

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    • Your personal life and professional life is good but average. However your all wills would come true after the age of 60. Rahu in 5th house will take you in the field of politics. But presently your area of work will be IT and communication.

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