Side effects of Diamond

The gemstones never carry their side effects. In fact the gemstones hold the characteristics of their corresponding lord planet and their role in the horoscope of a human kind. Simultaneously, Diamond holds the characteristics of Venus and it works according to the role of Venus in the horoscope of a person.

When a person wears a Diamond ring, the power of Venus gets enhanced. Now it is depending on Venus as what role it should play as per your Ascendant and Moon zodiac sign. Hence it is necessary to know your Ascendant and Moon zodiac sign before adopting Diamond. The side effects of Diamond/ Venus role are having three type of following views:

Ascendant and Moon zodiac View

The Mool Trikona (the powerful place) of Venus exists in Libra where the effect of Venus is more than Taurus sign. if the Libra sign exits in 6th 8th or 12th house in your horoscope, then role of Venus in your life is to create much negative effects in life such as diseases, debt, enmity,  hurdles, death, expenses etc. In this case if you adopt Diamond ring then power of Venus would get enhanced and the problem in life would also increase. Hence Diamond gemstone can not be adopted in Taurus, Pisces and Scorpio Ascendant / Moon zodiac.

Placement View   

If the Venus is placed in the 6th 8th or 12th house of your horoscope being the lord of good houses, it also plays the same role as mentioned above. In this condition also Diamond can not be adopted.

Power View

If the Venus is the lord of good houses and also placed in good house then Diamond gemstone can be adopted provided that the power of Venus in your horoscope is between 0-9 degrees or between 21-30 degrees. But if the Venus is between 10-20 degrees in horoscope then Venus is self sufficient to give its full result without any help of Diamond. In this case if any one adopts the Diamond gemstones, the power of Venus becomes overdose hence balance of other elements in body gets disturbed.   

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      • Hello Sir,

        My DOB: 25th November, 1982
        Place of birth Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
        Time of birth 11:45AM Morning.

        I am wearing Neelam, Zircon and Emerald.

        I have been suggested to wear Opal. I am confused between Zircon and Opal as to what makes Zircon and Opal different from each other. Do both of them have different effects?

        Sir, Please suggest me what gem stones can I wear for now and for life time.

        • You are correctly wearing suitable gems. But I will suggest you to wear diamond instead of zircon. Zircon is substitude for diamond but it is a radio active material, It should not be worn. Opal is also substitute of diamond but it has effects of dual planet that is Venus and Moon both. Hence you should not wear Opal.

          • Hello Sir,

            Thank you so much for replying.

            Diamond will be quite expensive for me to buy at this point of time but I’ll definitely try and buy it one day.

            Sir, I have always been worried about my financial position. I mean I keep worrying about whether I’ll face financial crisis despite being lucky enough so far I worry about the future.

            Will I ever have to face financial difficulties? Or is my life going to be smooth enough.

            I work for an IT company but I also trade in stocks (Intraday), shall I keep trading will it benefit me?

            Sir, I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

            Thanks in advance.


            Sanjay Kabir

          • Do not worry. Your life will be smooth. Existense of Moon in 6th house makes a person with loosing will power. This is the only reason you are worrying that also Saturn and Rahu both are sitting on your head making you worry.After one year you will get some relief.

          • Hello Sir,

            Thank you so much for spending time in answering my questions.

            I am very thankful to you Sir.


            Sanjay Kabir.

          • My DOB: 25th November, 1982
            Place of birth Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
            Time of birth 11:45AM Morning.

            Hello Sir,

            Thank you so much for replying.

            Diamond will be quite expensive for me to buy at this point of time but I’ll definitely try and buy it one day.

            Sir, I have always been worried about my financial position. I mean I keep worrying about whether I’ll face financial crisis despite being lucky enough so far I worry about the future.

            Will I ever have to face financial difficulties? Or is my life going to be smooth enough.

            I work for an IT company but I also trade in stocks (Intraday), shall I keep trading will it benefit me?

            Sir, I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

            Thanks in advance.


            Sanjay Kabir

          • Hello Sir,

            My DOB: 25th November, 1982
            Time: 11:45AM (Morning)
            Place: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

            Sir, I was wondering if Stocks/Share Trading is good for me?

            Sir, Please let me know does my chart support Share Trading, will I succeed in it?

            Thanks in Advance.



      • Sir my date of birth is 15-11-1984 \,time is 6 A.M place is chittoor andhrapradesh can i wear diamond.i haveno job iam fickled always,not got married till know,my mother expired 5 years ago and iam suffering with mental wories can you suggest me

    • Sir I am SRIDEVI dob is 9.4.1972.I bought a diamond stud of 1.82 CNT on December 2014 .within 2months that is on Feb 2015 my daughter met with an accident,a teenager lost her 3front teeth lower lip injury with wounds in stomach thigh etc.after that after 15 days my mother fell down in d bathroom got operated in hip n shoulder.when she was recovering suddenly she went into coma due to low sugar.she is still in coma.all these are due to that diamond studs?should I change that?do diamond show impact after 2months?please reply

  1. Hello Sir,

    My DOB is 15-11-1980
    Place – Mumbai
    Time: 00: 34 am

    I have LEO ascendent at 2 degrees and Capricorn is my moon sign.

    Can I wear Ruby, Yellow Sapphire together in my ring finger, will it benefit me?

    Also kindly tell me what should I do to prevent myself from RAHU, because RAHU is just draining me everyday. Should I wear Gomed, or should I wear Cats eye?

    Kindly let me know your views on this.


  2. I respect your knowledge. However the below para is from your blog itself, which states that LEO ascendent should not wear Diamond! Yet you are telling me to where diamond!

    “In the Leo Ascendant, Diamond is an inappropriate and unsuitable gemstone with the view of nature of Leo sign hence Diamond is not recommended in Leo Ascendant. ”

    Kindly tell me the reason for which you have told me to wear diamond. I have tremendous RAHU problem – and I want to get over it.

    Also is it that because my moonsign is Capricorn, you have told me to wear diamond? But the ascendent is LEO!

    Kindly explain the reason for which you have told me to go for diamond. That will help my family also to understand.

    • In my blog the conditions are general. However in your horoscope, Lord of Leo ascendant Sun is in neech Rashi that is in Libra. In this condition if diamond is worn, then the planet placed in Libra and Taurus becomes positively effective.This is the reason diamond is suggested to you.

      • You are the very first Astrologer, in my 20 yrs, who have suggested out of the box gemstone – i.e. DIAMOND for me!

        Let me tell you, I wore Yellow Sapphire for 5 yrs, but money never came to me as I expected. So along with that I wore Emerald, but no good change! Then I wore Ruby, but no good change! Then I wore NEELAM, and my marriage broke, got divorced.:(

        My house broke. My hear broke. Because of impulsive decision of taking divorce, I got bad name!

        In all this process, I lost job, so I finally removed ALL GEMSTONES AND THROWED them away.

        And now you are the Only Astrologer who is advising me to wear Diamond. Which no astrolger has ever told me to do so!

        Maybe your study of horoscope is genius and maybe your advice may turn out good for me!

        So I will wear Diamond of 3 carats and see what difference it makes to my material life.

  3. I am firstly tankfull to you for the suggestion. I want to know my horoscope. In my horoscope moon and Venus is placed in which house? When I will get weath and prosperity in my life?

    • You do not require to wear diamond as your Venus is powerful. However if you want to wear it then wait for one year as your Venus mahadasha is going to start in 2015.

    • Your status will remain same for six more months, it will improve slightly after six months and by the end of 2015 your position will become good.

  4. Dear sir thanks, please advise on a big project that I am working will it materialise, there is no income and am in debt. I am wearing diamond from today as suggested by a friend will it give relief

  5. Dear Sir,

    My Date of Birth : 17 December 1988
    Time : 4.58 AM
    Place: Akola, Maharashtra

    Please suggest the Gem i should wear ?

    I desire Great Position and Wealthy Life. Want to settle abroad.

    Currently i am wearing diamond,

    Please kindly advice.

    Thank you for your help.

      • Dear Sir,

        Can you please explain harmful nature of diamond for me and its effect.
        Also can you please kindly explain how will yellow sapphire and Cats eye will help me and its effect on me.
        Thank you very much.
        Really appreciate all your help Sir.

  6. Dear Sir, My DOB is 8 August 1983, 7:00AM, Arambagh WB. Could you please let me know which stone will suite me? Also if i want to wear diamond/pearl should I?

      • What happens in mahadasha of venus? also i m currently wearing coral 12 carats can it be continued for life time?

      • Sir my name is SRIDEVI,I bought a diamond stud of 1.82cent on December. 2014,within 2months that is on Feb 2015,my daughter met with severe accident in which she lost her 4 front teeth and lip injury.she is a teenage girl.then after 15days my mother fell down in bathroom,got operated in hip and shoulder,she was recovering,but suddenly went into coma.are all these impact of that diamond?should I change that?the impact will show after 2 months?not within few days?please give a reply.thank you sir

  7. Sir…
    My DOB is 29.08.93
    time: 6:20pm
    can I wear diamond?
    My parents got me diamond ear rings!
    I wore it for a full day..that day incidentally went to guberan temple too…
    but I still have doubt
    pls do response sir

      • Sir,

        I am wearing 2 American Diamonds approximately 19 carats in total, since these are American Diamonds I need to wear more number of carats. I was wondering if I can increase the carats and wear a bracelet as well but wasn’t really sure if wearing excess is Ideal or not.

        Please advise whether wearing excess carats is good in terms of the effect of the Gem Stone.


        • Without mentioning your details of DOB,TOB,POB how you can expect answer from me. I am not baba that will close my eyes and evaluate answers.

  8. Sir,

    I did frame a question yesterday but somehow it’s now visible on this board.

    Sir, I wanted to know the effects of wearing excess amount of carats of American Diamonds I am wearing almost 19 carats in total at present.
    I was wondering if I can put some more. If it does increase the positive effects.

    Sir, Please advise

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Increasing the carats of AD will not help you.If diamond is suitable then you shoul wear diamond. AD is synthetic stone,it does not provide real effects. It holds the power of Venus for 10% only. If carat is increased you should not think that trmendous change will take place.

      • Sir, Thank you so much for responding.

        My apologies for not providing you with my birth details.

        DOB: 25th November, 1982

        TOB: 11:45AM

        POB: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

        Is AD and Zircon the same or they are different?

        Sir, I always feel insecure about my earnings. Do I have a stable financial future?
        Will increasing AD/Zircon carats even play a bit of a role in enhancing my current financial position?

        Eagerly looking forward to hearing fro you.

        Thanks & Regards,



        • Wear a pure diamond of atleast 50 cents. Your all problem for future will be reduced. Do not try to wear AD or any substitute.

      • Sir,

        I had one more question which is related to doing pooja, I am not sure if this is the right thread to place that question.

        Sir, I do a specific Pooja/Mala everyday but I am always worried about eating things which may have been touched by people who have consumed NoN-Veg food right before I bought something from them.

        Should I do my Pooja/Mala if I find out that I ate something which was sold to me by someone who just consumed Non-Veg OR I should continue with my Pooja/Mala even if I find out such an event.

        Sir, Please please advise on this as I am highly confused about this part of my life and I am not even able to get the right answer to this question of mine.

        Sir, I will be very very thankful if you can advise me on my Pooja/Mala and this question of mine.

        Eagerly looking forward to hearing from you.

        Thanks & Regards,


        • Pooja and mala if you are doing,there is no harm. But you will have to be very attentive for mistakes and purity. If you ca not maintain,then keep your self for visiting temples atleast weekly rather doing daily mala. You might have noticed that people doing daily mala at homes have many trouble in life. It is because of unknowingly mistakes that they do and get nothing out of it. It is your life. Kindly analyse the things and then go ahead. Listen to your own heart rather taking advises from any babas and astrologers.

  9. Good day to you Sir , My name is Meiya , My Birth date is 11.02.1969 , Place of Birth Singapore , Time : 8.50 A.M , Pls. let me know which stone will suits me . In regard to career wise I haven’t seen any promotion for 13 years . Financial position not bad . If I venture into business will it works out

    Sir , Pls. do advise me , I am waiting for your reply

    • You should not enter in business, however please wear a Red coral gem ring, that will help in your career and mental peace.

      Follow me on tweeter @ShreeramVerma

  10. Sir , This is Meiya again , I am wearing diamond ring , will it suits to my horoscope , D.O.B : 11.02.1969 , Place of Birth : Singapore , Time : 8.50 A.M
    Sorry to trouble you Sir , will be much indebted , is it possible to meet you

    • Diamond is helpful for wealth but not for career. I have advised in answer to other questions. It is not possible to meet me. I am in India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. You can follow me on tweeter at the address advised.

      • place ; Texila,Pakistan.
        time ; 1 am to 3 am.(night).
        5th of moon.
        please help me and guide me. i have struggled in all my life but got nothing.i am a big loser. and a failing person. i wear many stone but no one give me lucky charm. what should i do for good luck.

  11. Hi…my birth date is 08th october 1979, time is 14:10 ….!place of birth is Thane, Maharashtra
    Should I wear Opal gemstone instead of diamond, as diamond is very costly

    • Opal is having effects of dual planets that is Venus and Moon. You are required to wear diamond only, if you can not afford,then you can go for AD. I can not recomend Opal.

  12. D.O.B. 18 JAN 1975.
    place ; Texila,Pakistan.(only born in texila,living far away).
    time ; 1 am to 3 am.(night).
    5th of moon.
    please help me and guide me. i have struggled in all my life but got nothing.i am a big loser. and a failing person. i wear many stone but no one give me lucky charm. only opal left for try.what should i do for good luck.

  13. Good day to you Sir , My son, Siva Meyiappan born on 15 July 2003 , 8.35 A.M ,in Johor Bahru , Malaysia — untili 5 years he was under mild autism , now he has been fully recovered , whether he can be trained in technical career or can be in linguistics . Your advise will be much helpful to us Thanks & Best Rgs Meiya

  14. hello sir my dob is 20th april 1981, time is 20:15, place New Delhi. Can you advise whether i should wear a diamond … or will any other stone be more beneficial?

  15. hello sir hope you are doing good… i would like to ask you if i can wear a diamond or should i wear some other stone for improvement in my life….my dob is 20th april 1981, time is 8.15 pm, place is new delhi… please advise .. thanks

  16. Good morning Sir,

    My DOB is 22.08.1980
    TOB: 10:30 am
    POB: Guwahati

    I am going through lots of hurdle. I don’t wear any gem stone in particular, but wear a set of light weight diamond as my ear ring, pendant, finger ring and bracelet. Please suggest is it harmful or beneficial for me ?

  17. hi ..My Name is Sachin date of birth is 19-09-1978 .Birth place Agra… I was advised to wear diamond in ring finger it good for me ?

  18. My date of birth is 18th July 1975 , 7 04am , Mumbai , maharashtra ,
    please suggest what gemstones to wea and what should not be worn.
    Thank you .

  19. syeda sadiqua rana,dob 17-09-1974,time 7am tuesday,place hyderabad,telengana.india,which gemstone is the best and prosperous for me.

      • Sir,
        My details are:
        DOB:16-6-1984 , TOB:5:20 AM
        POB:Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.

        I am wearing emerald on my right hand little finger.

        I wore hessonite which broke suddenly last month.

        I am still unmarried and facing stagnation in my job from past 2 years.

        Please advise which is suitable for me amongst Neelam or Diamond
        (or new Hessonite itself?).

  20. Sir, My Date f Birth is 3 Oct 1979
    Time 10.40 pm and Place Mumbai.

    Please suggest whether wearing a diamond is beneficial for me?

  21. Himanshu sharma, dob -23/4/1988
    Birthtime- 09:05 am
    Place -beawar, rajasthan
    which gemstone is best for me.. maine diamond or emerald pahna hua ha kya vo thik ha..?

  22. Himanshu sharma
    birth time- 09:05 am
    place-beawar rajasthan
    Which gemston is best for me.. maine already emerald or diamond pahna hai.. kya stone thik hai.. ?

  23. Rizwan ahmad, dob: 3rd feb 1981. Place of birth : islamabad, pakistan. At 12:30 pm. Which stone will suit me ? Can i wear diamond ?

  24. My DOB is 12/12/1968, 3.25 am, at Ottappalam, kerala. I am wearing diamond ( less than 15 cents) on my right hand middle finger since last 12 years. I recently started wearing a diamond pendant and diamond ear ring. I think it is impacting me positively. Can you kindly confirm if it is ok to wear diamond?

  25. Hello Sir

    My DOB 06-12-1984, Time 3:01 AM, Shivpuri (M.P.)

    Kindly guide me, when my problems regarding Job & finances will end.

  26. Hello Sir,

    We bought a diamond earring for our kid of some 10 cents on her birthday, but others confused that diamond should be worn based on their rasi. Can you please suggest whether to put it on her or not ?

    I read in some blogs that only finger rings or pendents cause effects which touches the body. Please let me know more on this and guide us if she can wear diamond .

    DOB : 25.2.2013
    time : 6.30 A.M, Chennai

    Thank you

  27. Hello Sir,

    I would like to know which gems are suitable for me. Here are the details:

    Date of birth: 23 Sep 1980
    Time: 08:40 am
    Place: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    Can I wear Blue Sapphire? If so, how many carats? Also, can I wear blue sapphire with diamonds?

    Thanks for the help.

  28. respected sir,
    dob :29.08.1976.(05:05am)kolkata.west bengal.
    i m wearing pearl & amethyst.can i wear diamond(20cent) ?or emerald?

  29. Dear SIr,

    I am Deepak from Bangalore. My DOB is 4/8/1985 bangalore 3.18 am.
    I am wearing a diamond in my finger ring. I am going through lot of family related problems.

    Please suggest me on this. Should i keep wearing this or should i go for other jemstone.

    Please let me know.

  30. Dear Sir,
    My date of birth is 15-AUG-1976, TIME : 08:42 AM, PLACE : MAVELIKARA (KERALA). Please advise whether i can wear Diamond or White sapphire,Pearl or Moonstone.

    Thanks & Best Regards

  31. Dear Sir,

    Please advise whether diamond or white shappire and Pearl or moonstone is suitable for me. If not please recommed a gem for me.
    My details are date of birth :15-AUG-1976, TIME : 08:42AM, PLACE : MAVELIKARA (KERALA). venus in 12th house. can a virgo ascendant wear venus gemstones. please advise.

  32. Sir,
    Myself Tanuj sawant
    DOB-3 / 06 / 1991
    Time-6.26 am
    kindly suggest a gemstone for me as my rahu mahadasha is giving me lot of trouble mentally. Some1 suggest me to wear emrald nd diamond togather.kindly advice.

  33. Dear sir my dob is 24 dec 1985, time of birth – 11:27 and place is kasganj(uttar pradesh).
    2 astrologers prescribed me different stones, one said diamond and other said opal. Please tell me which one is better. Diamond is too costly for me, can opal work for me.

  34. Dear Sir,
    My Dob – 15-11-1982
    Time- 17.45
    Place – Lucknow

    You suggested me Opal, how many carats and in which finger should I Wear it?
    Also I am wearing an emerald in right hand llittle finger in gold.
    Should I continue wearing it?

    Is diamond not suitable for me?


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