Side effects of Ruby gemstone

       The gemstones never carry their side effects. In fact the gemstones hold the characteristics of their corresponding lord planet and their role in the horoscope of a human kind. Simultaneously, Ruby holds the characteristics of Sun and it works according to the role of Sun in the horoscope of a person.

When a person wears a Ruby ring, the power of Sun gets enhanced. Now it is depending on Sun as what role it should play as per your Ascendant and Moon zodiac sign. Hence it is necessary to know your Ascendant and Moon zodiac sign before adopting Ruby gemstone. The side effects of Ruby gemstone / Sun’s role are having three type of following views:

Ascendant and Moon zodiac View

If Sun is the lord of 6th 8th or 12th house in your horoscope, then its role in your life is to create negative effects in life such as fever, ulcer, heat stroke, debt, enmity,  hurdles, death, expenses etc. In this case if you adopt a Ruby ring then power of Sun would get enhanced and the problem in life would also increase. Hence Ruby gemstones can not be adopted in Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo Ascendant / Moon zodiac.

Placement View   

                If the Sun is placed in the 6th 8th or 12th house of your horoscope being the lord of good houses, it also plays the same role as mentioned above. In this condition also Ruby can not be adopted.

Power View

                If the Sun is the lord of good houses and also placed in good house then Ruby gemstone can be adopted provided that the power of Sun in your horoscope is between 0-9 degrees or between 21-30 degrees. But if the Sun is between 10-20 degrees in horoscope then Sun is self sufficient to give its full result without any help of Ruby. In this case if any one adopts the Ruby gemstones, the power of Sun becomes overdose hence balance of other elements in body gets disturbed.   

141 thoughts on “Side effects of Ruby gemstone

  1. sir, My name is Mallikarjun Verma. My dob is 19.03.1988. time is 12.10am. place is kanpur.(up). Please suggest a suitable gemstone for me.

  2. My name is Suhas. DOB 22-oct-1978 Birth time: 2.15 am. Birth place: Kolhapur Maharashtra.

    Currently I am having bad time in career. I have lost my job and I am in search of new job. I am under tension.

    Last month on 10-aug-2014, as suggested by one astrologer I have wear Ruby gemstone of 3 carats in the right hand ring finger.

    Please suggest me what I need to do for career betterment.

  3. As suggested by one astrologer I have wear Ruby gemstone of 3 carats on 10-aug-2014.

    My Name is Suhas , DOB: 22-10-1978, Birth time: 2.15 am, Birth place: Kolhapur,Maharashtra

    On 5th September 2014 I have lost my job.

    I had one offer on 2nd Sep2014, but due to certain reason I didn’t accepted that offer.
    Now I am im search of nee job. Going through tension.

    Please advise me , whether gemstone I am using is right ? Does is affecting my career. Should I stop using that gemstone? Please suggest remedy for getting new job.

    • You have worn a wrong gemstone. As per your chart only Diamond is suitable.Ruby will never suit you. Your good time will start from 2nd Nov 14 onwards.

      • Thank you sir. Should I remove ruby immediately?

        Do you see good things before 2-Nov. ?

        What carat of diamond and which finger and what day it should be wear?

  4. sir my dob is 25.12.80,11.10 am bhilai chhattisgarh is place of my birth.i m wearing ruby as my sunline in palm has island.will it help.

    • Remedies for island on sunline will never help by using Ruby. Ruby is not suitable gem for you. As your mahadasha of Sun has started so some one advised you to wear Ruby. Your chart belongs to Aquarius ascendant and Cancer Moon sign. In this combination the Sun is Marak and Ruby can not be worn.

  5. Hello sir, my DOB is 03-Nov-1985, birth time is 10:05 AM, place of birth is New Delhi. Someone has suggested me Yellow Sapphire and Ruby. Please suggest should i wear them?

  6. Dear Sir, Thank you for your service. Would like to know which gemstone will suit me along with the suggested carat weight, metal, finger to wear and the day/time to wear. My birth details are – Date of Birth: 7th Oct 1972, Time: 08.05 AM Place of birth: Coimbatore,Tamilnadu

    • Its a diamond of 50 cents minimum in silver for right hand index or ring finger to be worn on Friday within one hour from Sunrise.

    • You are wasting your time in search of job. Your chart indicates that you should be a job provider, hence start business. You can not become a servant by doing job under any one.wear a yellow sapphire ring that will help you in future.

  7. Hi, i am Abhishek Turakhia my DOB is 30-11-1993, time of birth is 3:15pm and place of birth is hyderabad, india. Which stone is suitable for me to wear life long & also i am suggested to wear a Ruby by a astrologer but i forgot to ask how long i am supposed to wear it, please advice .Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Abhishek
      You are not suppose to wear any gemstone as per your chart. There are many people in world who do not wear any gems. Ruby as suggested by someone, will carry negative effects as Sun is placed in eighth house of your chart.

  8. Hello Sir, please advise a gemstone for good health and peace of mind – Female, DOB: 27-Nov-1973, Time: 8.33 PM, Place: Salem, Tamilnadu.
    What should be the minimum weight, metal, finger and the suitable day/time to wear. Thanks for your help.

  9. sir, my DOB is 31/08/1990 place kanpur time 20:50.

    correct year is 1990. rest all data is accurate.
    i had put a wrong year in last ques.

    Please suggest a gemstone.
    I have been jobless for a year, i am seeking for job.
    Thanks for help

  10. Sir my name is Rohit Kataria and my birthdate is 06.08.1981 and time is 06.39 am and place is calcutta Los suggest me the best suitable stone for me thanx

  11. Namskar sir,
    My DOB is 08/02/1988.
    Time :17.22 (5.22 pm)
    Loc : mumbai(near by santana cruise)

    Please suggest me gemstone.
    I m facing too problems in my life.
    Mainly:stomach problems(function prob of intestine )
    Loss of confidence & bad ,negative thoughts which makes me unhappy . (Not sucidale thoughts)

    One astrologer suggested me
    Yellow saffire, ruby n pearl to wear together.
    Currently i m wearing yellow saffire.

    Please help to guide.

    • You are not suppose to wear yellow sapphire. You can only wear Pearl. No other gem would suit you. This will help you in health issue. You can go to Hanuman temple on every Tuesday for your career. But can not wear gems as it would carry negative effects also.

  12. Dear Sir,

    My name is Ravleen Bagga. Date of birth is 4.09.1988, Time – 6:50 am, Place – Bareilly. Which gemstone is suitable for me?

  13. Respected sir,
    My name is nirmal singh saini, D.O.B-28/06/1990. Place of birth-ambala.
    I would like to tell you that I am already weraing firoza stone on right hand side engagement finger.

    My life is going pretty tough. Whatever I tend to do is just not happening. I get frustated and aggressive sometimes. In every situation I get a unusual difficulty to face.

    I feel fear to results quite a bit.

    Please recommend a good and suitable stone for me.
    Appreciate your service.

  14. Dear Sir,

    My name is Tanvir Ahmed.
    Date of Birth: 13/01/1994
    Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    I am facing many obstacles in my life. I lost my father in December,2011.
    I failed in my Higher Secondary Certificate exam in 2014. I am really so frustrated. I have been wearing Red Coral since 2012 and Rubi since 2013. But I stopped wearing Rubi in this year after my failure in the exam. Currently now I am wearing a Blure Sapphire. I have also ordered a White Coral to be worn from next month for my purpose of study abroad.

    Please suggest me which task is suitable for me and what should I do.
    Your valuable suggestion can help to prevent the obstacles in my life.

    Thank you Sir.

  15. hi… my dob : 5-feb-86, time : 5.00 am, Ludhiana,

    i am wearing Ruby since 3-4 months, without any advice from anyone, now becoming superstitious about it.
    plz let me know whether i shud continue it or not, esp from business prospective.
    also, i dont know why i feel so insecure at work, remain unhappy, & take too much stress even at slightest issue, applies to both work & personal life, plz advice.


    • Please do not fool me that you have not consulted anyone before wearing Ruby. Current mahadasha of Sun has started and appropriate suitable gem in correct time you are wearing and now telling lie. What you want prove I do not understand. If you have not consulted, then you must have knowledge of astrology. However along with Ruby you should also wear yellow sapphire which will lessen the all negativity.

      • sir !

        i didnt consulted anyone, you are right, i hv high interest about astrology, that’s why came to conclution, after going thru numerous refernce on internet, that ruby might be good for me,

        however, what i wanted to consult u that i m not an astrologer nor expert, so was going thru above mentined problem, esp in business, thats why thought of consulting you, when i saw u answering here at the forum, i m too mediocre to fool to sir. plz guide me.

        infact, i was seraching about negative effects of ruby, when i came to know abt this forum. i m seriously thinking of removing it, i hv started being too strght frwd & agressive & take too much mental stress even in a tiny matters. quarels also started with wife.

        plz show me the way, how can i reach my goals, be cheerful, happy & have success in business.

  16. Dear sir,

    My dob is 2 June 19821 time 21:15pm pob new Delhi. I was recently advised to wear ruby. I am wearing a topaz since many yrs. Can u pls advise Wats the best stone to wear? Is ruby suitable for me at this point? Pls respond, thanks.

  17. Dear sir,

    I meant my dob is 2 June 1981 time 21:15 PM pob new Delhi. Pls advise on wat best gem to wear, currently I’m wearing topaz. I was wearing a ruby with topaz before. Pls advise the best stone and upaay for me in terms of health and finances. Thanks a lot!

      • Do you think I am writing without seeing your horoscope? If you are consulting other astrologers, then go by his verdict. I am taking my advice back. I can not suggest you any more.

  18. Hi sir,
    My name is nirmal singh saini.

    Sir just for your information, I am suffering from many problems especially related to results. I mean whatever I tend to do is just not happening.
    I do best of my abilities but still get unfavorable outcomes.
    Please reffer me a suitable stone .
    Humbly Appreciate your help.

  19. Sir my date of birth is 4 december 1989 .. Place id “udhampur j&k india ” time is 1:30 am .. Plese tell me if ruby will suit me .. Also m goin through vety bad phase concerning my carrer and love life .. When will i see good days ??

  20. dear sir

    i am a aries ascendent and moon sign cancer. sun in taurus,2nd house opposite saturn in 8th house. i am weaering ruby for long… i have not faced particular problem. can i continue?

  21. Sir my name is bhavana ak. Date of birth is 6/2/ of birth is palakkad(Kerala).time 6:10 am.,suggest me gemstone to be worn.

  22. my date of birth 4.9.1985 time approx 8 to 8.30 am ,place krishnagar ,,nadia district west bengal.please inform me switable ring

  23. Dear sir,

    Name- Raman
    DOB- 24/10/1979
    Time- Approx 5pm
    Place- Ascot, UK.

    I have had problems with work for many years, always losing my job or not getting a new job for ages and for to the standard of my experience and this is reflecting on my health in a big way because I am worried about supporting my family.

    If there is a gem that can help please could you tell me the weight and which finger to wear it.

    I would greatly appreciate any other good times you can for see in my future, life has been difficult on the work, health and with my parents all my life.

    Kindly appreciate any help you can offer

  24. Hi Uncle,

    My name is Monica, 12/03/1993, 21 yrs old, 8.52am in london UK.

    I am 21, I have had a hard life without a father. I have been sick since 14 because my menstrual period comes everyday of the month that leads to many other emotional problems.
    I need direction I am lost please could you tell me what is the right profession for my future because I don’t know what to do.

    Please could you tell me if there is a gem that can fix all my problems?

    Thank you uncle

  25. Dear Sir, My Name is Mahesh, DOB : 23/11/1980, Time – 9.25 am. Place – Mumbai, Currnetly my time is very bad. I weared cylon yellow sapphire 5.17 carat & Ruby 6.40 Carat since two month. Is it right Stone? Please advise.

  26. Please advise which gem stone is best for me. My date of birth:11/05/1977 : Time of birth 06 am Place if birth :samrala ludiana. Panjab.

  27. Sir my date of birth is 17 November 1984 time 8.55 am place khamgaon mahararashtra
    I have peptic ulcer and hyperacidity
    Physique is very slim
    Please suggest gemstone

  28. Recently I buy and wear a Ruby stone. The problem is my wife fear after i wear the stone. Is there any fault on the stone. DOB 4-feb-1985

  29. Dr sir I don’t when I was born I lost my parents when I was young what stone is good for me I get very sick every time and all my luck has good away

  30. Hi Sir,

    Below are my details:
    Name: Neha Keshwani
    Rashi Name: Suchi Keshwani
    DOB : 07-Mar-1989
    Time : 17:20:00 PM
    Place: Maihar(India)

    Could you suggest me which gem will suit me

  31. Hello sir,

    DOB – 25- 01-1984
    TIME- 20.05.00
    PLACE – Kallakkurichchi

    Could u pls suggest me a gem stone as I removed the ruby stone (was wearing for about 6 months) once I read ur blog. I have sun in the 6th house with leo (lord) in the ascendant. Kindly reply. Also would like to know whether i can start a business. Thanks in advance.

  32. Sirji
    My Name :-Vishwajeet Velankar.
    DOB:-17/12/1974.Time:-6.45, Maharashtra.
    Pls.suggest me which gem stone will suit me. Maine abhi 6 carat ka manik/ruby copper main banawaya hai kya.kya wo main pehen sakta hu.
    Waiting for ur valuable reply.

  33. Hello Sir,
    My DOB is 19/08/1987
    Place: Howrah, West Bengal
    Time: 10:20 am

    Please suggest a good Gem stone for me to have a healthy and prosperous life.


  34. My name is Amit kumar . My DOB is 04 Dec 1980 time 4:00 pm place patna.which gemstone suitable for me?

  35. Hello Sir,

    I read your blog and really very interesting things are mentioned, hence I wanted a little guidance from you.

    For the last One and a half years plus I am in tension, do not have a job, seeking for a job but not getting any, am married as well.

    I went to few astrologers, the first one told me to wear an emerald and a firoza, then another astrologer I approached said that I should wear a pearl, I had worn each at a time as suggested by the astrologers respectively and gave it a years time but nothing happened, no job and no financial stability came from anywhere, now I visited another astrologer, he studied my and my wife’s chart then suggested me to wear a 2.45 carat ruby which I am wearing for last 1 and half month now, he also suggested my wife to wear a cats eye.

    Can you please guide me a little whether wearing the present stone and the past stones were correct or not and what should I do so that I get a job and a stable job and my financial conditions improve.

    My Details
    DOB: 23-March-1984
    Time: 5:30 pm
    Place: Calcutta(Kolkata), West Bengal

    Wife’s Detail:
    DOB: 15-March-1984
    Time: 8:02 pm
    Place: Trishur, Kerala

    Date Of Marriage: 27-December-2011 between 10 am to 11 am in the morning.

    Pls do note that my Saani Sade Sati is going on which is also effecting my health and currently I am wearing Ruby and my wife is wearing emerald, cats eye and an amethyst.

    • Sun is negative according to your ascendant. Hence wearing Ruby is harming you. Your status will improve after one year when Sun Mahadasha gets end and Moon mahadasha would start. Thereafter you can wear Pearl. And nothing else will suit you. Now you should remove Ruby immediately. Sorry, multi answer I can not provide due to paucity of time.

      • Thanks for the answer, but am confused now since the the astrologer has just suggested me RUBY and you are suggesting me that ruby would harm me.

        How to make sure what is the correct decision – pls guide

  36. My DOB is 1st Feb 1988, place of birth is Manama, Bahrain and time was 12:05 am

    Please suggest a suitable gemstone

    Thank you

  37. My DOB is 21 nov 1991
    Time is 4pm
    Place Joda, Odisha India

    Presently I am wearing ruby on the ring finger of my left hand, so sometimes I feel so good and confident, but sometimes my emotional stability decreases and I feel low… does the stone really suits me ?

  38. Hello sir,
    My name is Archana Panchal, DOB is 1-dec-1979,time 5:10 am and place of birth is ahmedabad, I am worried about my marriage,I m still unmarried ,pls suggest any gemstone or remedy for the same

  39. Hi my dob is 24/07/1988, pob Nottingham UK, time of birth 5:00am currently wearing a ruby ring. Which gem would benefit me financially and good health? Thanks you sir.

  40. Sir, My name is Purv. My DOB 13-Jan-1985. Place :- Bharuch(Broach-Gujarat). Time:- 13:15. Please suggest me which gemstone should i wear and of how manr caret. Thank you.

  41. Dear Sir, My name is Neloy Roy, My DOB 19/07/1975, Time: 01:15 am, Place: Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. There is no growth in my professional career for 5 years. Can you please suggest a gem that will work for me in my career growth and finance.

  42. Dear Sir, My name is P. N. Srinath, DOB: 23-07-1978, Place of Birth: Tirupattur, North Arcot District, Tamilnadu, Time of Birth: 0500 hrs. (approx.). My professional life is always under severe stress and I lack self-confidence very much. Could you please advise which gemstone I should wear of how many karat. You help & advise in this regard will be of much help. Thanks,

  43. My name is Amit garg. My date of birth 29-05-1987. Time 05:35 am place of birth delhi. Please suggest me suitable gemstone

  44. Hi Sir
    My Name Om Prakash
    Date of birth 3-7-1979
    Time 6.30 am
    Ambala Haryana

    Which gem would benefit me financially and good health? Thanks you sir.

  45. Sir, I am Rudra. My DOB 11-sept-1983 on 01:45pm at Malda, West Bengal. What gemstones will be suitable for me to get financial stability in life, also for peace of mind? Can I wear ruby?

  46. My
    Name is Rahul Patil
    Date of birth is 28-11-1981
    Time – 01.15am
    Place – sangli
    I worn ruby last week on Thursday and started health problems.
    Please suggest.
    I hav now removed ruby.

  47. Name- sourav sundar pradhan.
    Dob- 31.10.1980.
    Dop-contai. West Bengal.
    Dot- 16.35 pm.
    Sir, I am wearing red gomed for last 15 years, now the same astrologer gave me ruby from last few months but now recently my health is not well and constant health problem for last one month..what should I do…please reply me sir..

  48. Sir my DOB is 5th Mar 86
    Time 8:54AM
    Place Howrah

    Kindly recommend me gemstone for my professional success and marriage life partner and overall growth!!

    Thank you so much for the consulting

  49. Dear Sir

    My DOB 17-01-1972 time of birth 17.32pm birth place katihar Bihar.Some one advised to wear ruby for my recent professional disturbence.Could you please advise on that regard.

    Thanking you in advance

  50. Name mayur Kishor gawli
    DDoB-24/03/1986 time don’t know I lost my job my debts are going higher please suggest me gem stone and help me out of this

  51. Hi m Vikrant need your urgent help from last 2 years no work . Name : Vikrant , d o b 18 Sept 1978. Birth place : Delhi. ,time : 4:37 am. Please suggest me what should I do , should i wear ruby ? If not then ?. Waiting for your kind response. Regards.

    • Your rasi is Pisces hence Ruby will create enemies and debt. You should start business of cosmetics or computer related rather waiting for job. The beneficial stone for you is Red coral.

  52. Hi Sir,

    My Name is Praveen Kumar Verma DOB 29/11/1979 22:05 .
    One Acharya suggested me to wear Ruby and Moonga.
    But i found that i am in trouble these days after wearing Ruby.
    Please suggest what to do?

  53. My name Mahima, Place of birth: Agra: DOB: 14 August 1988, Time: 10:45 AM. please suggest which stone is suitable for me, going through a difficult phase in career.

  54. dear sir,i had a very troubled life.i had been facing different problems all my dob is 28-04-1991 april 28 ; 02.10 pm. should i wear a ruby/coral for success

  55. Hello SIr .. Name- chitta ranjan sahani
    Date of birth- 15April1988
    time- in betten 8:15 to 8:35(plz help to know exact time)
    place- village- patna, kujanga. dist- Jagatsingpur(but its near to paradeep city)

    i have every kind of problems now a days. but main problem is my health and peace of mind and jobless. i weard a rubby about 4ct and a yellow topaz(pokhraz) as sujjested by a local Astrologer .. but am geting weak day by day and i have no self confident now .. plz help me.. plz

  56. Hello SIr .. Name- chitta ranjan sahani
    Date of birth- 15April1988
    time- in betten 8:15pm to 8:35pm(plz help to know exact time)
    place- village- patna, kujanga. dist- Jagatsingpur(but its near to paradeep city) State-orissa

    i have every kind of problems now a days. but main problem is my health and peace of mind and jobless. i weard a rubby about 4ct and a yellow topaz(pokhraz) as sujjested by a local Astrologer .. but am geting weak day by day and i have no self confident now .. plz help me.. plz

  57. Dear Sir, My name is Krishna Hansraj. I need your urgent help. Please suggest to me what gem stones are good for me.

    NAME: Krishna Hansraj
    DOB: 4 May 1974
    TOB: 2:30 PM
    POB: Georgetown, Guyana

    Waiting for your kind response. Regards.

  58. hii sir,my name is yatiraj ,dob-24/02/1988,Timing-08:05am,place query is dat some astrologer suggested me to wear manik ,will it be suitable for i am having too many hurdles in my professional and domestic life..plz suggest.

  59. Hi, I’m Vadim and was wondering if you could please advise which stones are normally good for me (I mean stone which I can always wear and don’t have to worry about planetary change etc.) DOB: 11 Dec 1978, Time: 6:15am and place of birth and currect residence: Mauritius-candos

  60. Hello sir I am Shamik , ,DOB – 04/09/1979 , 18.40 Ahmedabad . please advise which stones are normally good for me , Also an astrologer has asked me to wear Ruby , Please guide whether suitable for me .

  61. Hello sir, my name is Shamik Dob 04/09/79 18.40 Ahmedabad, please advise if wearing Ruby is good for me, please guide me through suitable gemstone for me.

  62. Hello Sir,

    My name is Sharath Kumar and would like to know the suitable gemstone for me.

    DOB – 17-07-1981
    TIme – 17:30:00
    Place – Bhadravati, Karnataka, India

  63. Hello Sir,

    I am facing a lot problems in my career 1 year back i started business in partnership of mobile and computer related repair work but i have gone through a huge lost.
    I want to know about my career when will thing get stable in my life my every effort is not giving me result i am in kind of depression.i want to stick in business only.

    Right now i am wearing Pukhraj there any thing else which i should have to wear..waiting for your kind suggestion.

    My details are :-

    Name : Prakher Srivastava
    D.o.b : 30/12/1983
    place : Gorakhpur (uttar Pradesh )
    Time : 06:33 AM

  64. name – salil sawant
    dob – 14-1-1990
    tob – 06:40 a.m
    pob – mapusa go a
    hello sir I’ve been wearing ruby in gold for past 3 yrs but still I didn’t feel any change o positive effect of it on me.
    I’m still jobless. also I want to know when will I get a job o should I venture into business .
    hoping for ur reply.

    Thank you

  65. Name – salil sawant
    dob -14-1-1990
    tob – 6:40 a.m
    pob – mapusa go a
    hello sir , I’ve been wearing ruby in gold in my ring finger for past 3 yrs but still I’m yet to see any positive effect of it. I’ve been looking for job since past 2 yrs but still jobless.
    I want to know when will I get a job or if I should venture into my own business.
    hoping for reply.

    Thank you

  66. My date of birth is 22.12.1978 time of birth is 22.17,place of birth Mumbai
    I am wearing ruby ring in my ring finger. As suggested by a astrologer
    Please guide me is it a right gem stone for me

  67. Sir my DOB 18.3.1970 Time 7:43 pm and place of birth Barabanki Uttar Pradesh. Can I wear ruby? Will it suit me?

  68. Namaste, My name is Sanjiv. I am going through lots of health problems and struggle and difficulty in my career. I have too much harassment from superior and jealous people at work. Please suggest me some effective remedies. If wearing ruby can be effective ? My DOB 28 Dec 1959.Time 7:15 AM, Place of Birth: Rudrapur (now Udham Singh nagar). I need your urgent advice. Thank you. Regards

  69. Hello I have been told to wear a ruby ring of 4 carats. But I am wearing a ring of 1.2 carats since it is expensive. Will it work? DOB: 12 Jun 1990, Time: 16:25, Place: Kolkata, Female.

  70. Hi Sir,

    My DOB is 7th August 1989,place is Kolkata. time of birth is 16:10 hrs. Please suggest me the right gemstone. I am already wearing yellow sapphire, now I am planning to buy Ruby, would that be a good decision?

  71. Please help. I m without job for last 3 years. No one wants to keep me for any job. Worst financial problem.
    DOB – 05/Aug/1974
    TIME – 02:35 am
    PLACE – Ambala Cantt (haryana)

  72. Hello sir, my name is surabhi jajodia. Dob-16/07/1995… Time 9:15 am. Birth place cuttack, orissa. I am applying for mbbs exams but not getting admission. I am wearing pukhraj and ruby now. Should i continue trying for mbbs? Which career is best for me?

  73. Hi sir,
    My name is sudeep kumar k
    My DOB is 15.07.1978
    Time 12.01am ( midnight)
    Place of birth is Cochin
    Currently using yellow sapphire and ruby.
    Is it OK. Pls reply

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