Side effects of Ruby gemstone

       The gemstones never carry their side effects. In fact the gemstones hold the characteristics of their corresponding lord planet and their role in the horoscope of a human kind. Simultaneously, Ruby holds the characteristics of Sun and it works according to the role of Sun in the horoscope of a person.

When a person wears a Ruby ring, the power of Sun gets enhanced. Now it is depending on Sun as what role it should play as per your Ascendant and Moon zodiac sign. Hence it is necessary to know your Ascendant and Moon zodiac sign before adopting Ruby gemstone. The side effects of Ruby gemstone / Sun’s role are having three type of following views:

Ascendant and Moon zodiac View

If Sun is the lord of 6th 8th or 12th house in your horoscope, then its role in your life is to create negative effects in life such as fever, ulcer, heat stroke, debt, enmity,  hurdles, death, expenses etc. In this case if you adopt a Ruby ring then power of Sun would get enhanced and the problem in life would also increase. Hence Ruby gemstones can not be adopted in Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo Ascendant / Moon zodiac.

Placement View   

                If the Sun is placed in the 6th 8th or 12th house of your horoscope being the lord of good houses, it also plays the same role as mentioned above. In this condition also Ruby can not be adopted.

Power View

                If the Sun is the lord of good houses and also placed in good house then Ruby gemstone can be adopted provided that the power of Sun in your horoscope is between 0-9 degrees or between 21-30 degrees. But if the Sun is between 10-20 degrees in horoscope then Sun is self sufficient to give its full result without any help of Ruby. In this case if any one adopts the Ruby gemstones, the power of Sun becomes overdose hence balance of other elements in body gets disturbed.   

20 thoughts on “Side effects of Ruby gemstone

  1. sir, My name is Mallikarjun Verma. My dob is 19.03.1988. time is 12.10am. place is kanpur.(up). Please suggest a suitable gemstone for me.

  2. My name is Suhas. DOB 22-oct-1978 Birth time: 2.15 am. Birth place: Kolhapur Maharashtra.

    Currently I am having bad time in career. I have lost my job and I am in search of new job. I am under tension.

    Last month on 10-aug-2014, as suggested by one astrologer I have wear Ruby gemstone of 3 carats in the right hand ring finger.

    Please suggest me what I need to do for career betterment.

  3. As suggested by one astrologer I have wear Ruby gemstone of 3 carats on 10-aug-2014.

    My Name is Suhas , DOB: 22-10-1978, Birth time: 2.15 am, Birth place: Kolhapur,Maharashtra

    On 5th September 2014 I have lost my job.

    I had one offer on 2nd Sep2014, but due to certain reason I didn’t accepted that offer.
    Now I am im search of nee job. Going through tension.

    Please advise me , whether gemstone I am using is right ? Does is affecting my career. Should I stop using that gemstone? Please suggest remedy for getting new job.

    • You have worn a wrong gemstone. As per your chart only Diamond is suitable.Ruby will never suit you. Your good time will start from 2nd Nov 14 onwards.

      • Thank you sir. Should I remove ruby immediately?

        Do you see good things before 2-Nov. ?

        What carat of diamond and which finger and what day it should be wear?

  4. sir my dob is 25.12.80,11.10 am bhilai chhattisgarh is place of my birth.i m wearing ruby as my sunline in palm has island.will it help.

    • Remedies for island on sunline will never help by using Ruby. Ruby is not suitable gem for you. As your mahadasha of Sun has started so some one advised you to wear Ruby. Your chart belongs to Aquarius ascendant and Cancer Moon sign. In this combination the Sun is Marak and Ruby can not be worn.

  5. Hello sir, my DOB is 03-Nov-1985, birth time is 10:05 AM, place of birth is New Delhi. Someone has suggested me Yellow Sapphire and Ruby. Please suggest should i wear them?

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